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Comparing qualifications should be easy

SupplyTrain is leading a campaign to improve the public’s understanding of, and trust in, vocational qualifications by championing a simple way to compare qualifications. We call it Qualipic!

Similar to the traffic light system on food packaging, Qualipic allows learners, employers, teachers and careers advisers to quickly and easily understand the basic type, level and size of a qualification and compare it to something that they are more familiar with.

Compare Qualifications with BTEC Diploma

Why the need to compare qualifications?

The wider population is suspicious of, and confused by, the constant changes to vocational qualifications and the specialist language and acronyms used in their titles – some of which can be very misleading. Qualipic reduces reliance on a qualification’s title and compares each qualification to an ‘A’ Level – which is well understood.

Compare Qualifications with A Levels

How can we better compare qualifications?

SupplyTrain believes that three key elements can be combined to form a simple picture that gives easy-to-view detail of each qualification in a Qualipic:


Vocational, academic, work-based


Guided learning hours


Difficulty of programme

Other industries that visually compare products

Other industries use visual records to compare information to great effect. You only have to glance at a packet of crisps to quickly and simply understand the sugar, fat and salt content. If it works here to such effect, why not compare qualifications a similar way?

Comparing Salt Fat and Sugar Intake

A BTEC in Engineering could be one of 235(!) qualifications

A BTEC in Engineering, sounds like something an employer might be looking for? But what does it mean?

There are 235 qualifications on the Ofqual register of regulated qualifications that have ‘BTEC’ and ‘Engineering’ in their title. One of those 235 qualification is worth the equivalent of half a low GCSE pass, where as another is the same level as a university degree.

This is the sort of confusion that we want to eliminate by introducing Qualipic.

Interested in getting this off the ground?

SupplyTrain is reaching out to the community and looking for interested parties to take this simple idea and make it a reality. If you’re interested in getting this project off the ground and implemented across the UK, please get in touch.

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