Apprenticeship resources.

Helping you understand the business case for employing apprentices and how to get a return on your investment. 

Apprenticeship toolkit for employers

The Employers’ Apprenticeship Toolkit explains the business case for apprenticeships and how to implement a scheme that works for both your organisation and your apprentices.

Download to access the 'tools'

The toolkit is an interactive PDF. You can view the text in your browser, but you’ll need to download the toolkit to use the tools. The tools become available when you click on the paperclip icons. 

National insurance calculator.

You do not have to pay Employer NI contributions for apprentices under the age of 25.

Not a lot of employers know this, but it can be a large saving. For example, if you intend to pay an apprentice £16,000, you would save over £1,000 in employer national insurance contributions per year! 

Use this calculator to find out how much you’d save. 


Apprentice National Insurance Calculator

Viewing on mobile? Turn your device horozontally to use the calculator. Alternatively, view on a computer or tablet. 


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