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Qualifications should be easy to compare

Supplytrain is aiming to create a prototype tool that will allow post-16 qualifications to be compared by size, level and type. 

A simple graphic that compares qualifications

Vocational education is not well understood by young people, business owners or even careers advisers in schools.

With the introduction of T Levels in 2020, it is vital that a simplified comparison tool is developed to help compare qualifications by size, level and type, so that young people can make better informed decisions that will set them on the right path to a fulfilling career.

Is BTEC Engineering the right course?

Did you know that there are 90 current, OfQual regulated, qualifications with the words BTEC and Engineering in their title!

One of them is worth half a low grade (Level 1) GCSE, another is a 2-year Level 5 HND course. The most common are Level 3, but the ‘size’ varies enormously with the longest qualification taking over 10 times the length of the shortest.

We think a simple ‘icon’ similar to the traffic light symbol on food packaging, would allow the easy comparison of qualifications and allow young people to make more informed decisions. 


Vocational, academic, work-based


Measured by total qualification time


Difficulty of programme

Now it becomes possible to easily compare all those BTEC qualifications

Want to support our idea? 
The aim is to make a comparison tool that is industry standard, adopted by government and used on all qualifications post-16. To reach our aim we need support. 

If you like the idea and can see its potential we would love to hear from you. We want to collaborate with employers, educators and young people to shape something that will truly set people off on the right track, first time!  

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