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Employer engagement is key to our apprenticeship consultancy service.

"SupplyTrain provided excellent innovative ideas to engage employers not previously involved in apprenticeships."

Shelley Cook, Swindon & Wilts LEP

An apprenticeship employer engagement service that gets results

SupplyTrain provides training providers and government organisations with marketing support, engaging resources and strategic advice that increases the number of apprentices you have on programme and employer satisfaction scores.

Our clients include Local Enterprise Partnerships, colleges, universities and private training providers.

Since the introduction of financial contributions from employers for apprenticeship training, businesses are keen to see a return on investment from their staff training – and quite rightly too – but this means a new way of working that demonstrates the value of apprenticeship provision.

SupplyTrain helps your employer engagement and marketing teams tell your story. We show you how to articulate your apprenticeship offer so that employers know how your training will help their company grow, adapt and minimise skills gaps.

In addition to growing your current apprenticeship offer, our consultants use labour market intelligence and employer research to identify apprenticeship programmes that are likely to grow significantly in the coming years. If you are a university new to apprenticeships or an existing provider looking to expand, having a thorough understanding of demand is vital to curriculum planning.

Use SupplyTrain for strategic advice on employer demand and business development in apprenticeships.

Our employer engagement service works

Although apprenticeship starts have been in decline nationally compared to 2015/16, all of SupplyTrain’s clients have performed significantly better than the national average. Rather than losing numbers, one college we provided strategic advice grew their apprenticeship starts by 24% between 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Our Managing Director, Phil Golding, has been part of teams that have won national and regional marketing awards for apprenticeship and skills provision, and we are proud to see SupplyTrain resources being used as part of the #FireItUp national apprenticeship campaign 2019.

Get in touch to fine tune your employer engagement and marketing.  

Common employer engagement and marketing requests:

  • Create marketing strategy to engage employers
  • Run a marketing campaign to increase awareness
  • Help us demonstrate return on training investment
  • Use employer feedback to improve provision
  • Create resources that engage employers in our provision
  • Write employer engagement policy for RoATP application
  • Provide CPD to business development teams
  • Mystery shopper review of website and telephone service
  • Audit and report of complete apprenticeship service
  • Investigate apprenticeship transfer opportunities
  • Pinpoint levy-payers to target with provision
  • Write blogs, create and manage website text
  • Run social media channels
  • Use labour market intelligence to decide on new provision
  • Set up an Apprenticeship Training Agency
  • Communicate subcontractor services to main providers
  • Use intermediaries to increase apprenticeship awareness

Contact us to discuss how to grow your provision:

Tell us what you are trying to achieve. We will produce a programme of works, costs and details of likely impact. You can then choose whether we are a suitable partner for you.

See what our resources look like. Request a sample.

Some of the organisations we have provided consultancy to:

Wider support

SupplyTrain’s Managing Director is a Marketing & Business Development Associate of Strategic Development Network (SDN).

SDN has worked with over 1,000 training providers and 5,000 apprenticeship practitioners.

If you’re not sure our service is right for you, get in touch anyway, and we’ll signpost you to other SDN associates if they are better placed to help.

Additional 'social' value in our service

When you use SupplyTrain as a contractor, you are contributing to our wider social mission as a Community Interest Company.

We run a free phone line for businesses to get impartial apprenticeship advice, which in turn, creates high-quality apprenticeship opportunities for young people to get into skilled work or onto the next step of the career ladder.

What’s more, if you’re a council, Local Enterprise Partnership or government-agency, working with us helps you contribute towards the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

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