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No employer national insurance contributions for apprentices u25! 

Use our NI calculator to understand how much your business will save in Employer National Insurance contributions when employing apprentices. 

National Insurance Calculator

If you place a member of staff, who is under the age of 25, on an apprenticeship programme your business does not pay the ’employer contribution’ towards their national insurance. 

This is a significant saving. Imagine you intend to pay annual apprenticeship wages of £16,000, you would save over £1,000 in employer national insurance contributions per year! 

Put your intended apprenticeship wages into the following NI calculator to understand how much your business will save.  

Employer NI calculator

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Does this saving apply to existing staff?

In short – yes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re employing new staff as apprentices or using apprenticeship training to upskill existing staff. If they are under 25, you will not have to pay employers national insurance contributions. 

NI savings = more than the training cost

 If your business has an annual payroll of less than £3million, you only have to pay a maximum of 5% towards the cost of apprenticeship training. This means you’re very likely to save more than the cost of training, even when paying just £5 an hour training wages. 

Imagine you own a small care home and want to train new healthcare support workers. Your contribution to training costs is likely to be just £150. This means you’d need to pay training wages of just £9,800 over the 12 month apprenticeship to break even.  

The more you pay, the more you save

When you’re deciding how much you can afford to pay apprentices, remember this saving. The more you can afford to pay apprentices, the more likely you are to get high-quality candidates applying for your training roles and the more likely they are to feel valued in their job. 

Imagine you had a budget of £20k for an apprentice, knowing that would have to include employer NI costs and some basic equipment and ocassional travel expenses. Now you’ve found out there are no employer NI contributions, instead of pocketing the diffence, offer a higher starting salary and see the difference in the number of great candidates you now have to choose from. 

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