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SupplyTrain's Employer National Insurance Calculator.

"If you employ an apprentice under the age of 25, you do not have to pay Employer NI Contributions. Understanding this can save your business thousands."

Phil Golding, SupplyTrain

The Employer National Insurance Calculator.

Use the calculator below to understand how much you will save in Employer National Insurance contributions annually, when you employ an apprentice under the age of 25.

Type in the annual salary you expect to pay the apprentice and the national insurance contribution will be displayed in the Employer NICs Due column.

Once you’ve used the employer N.I. calculator to understand your apprenticeship savings, you can compare this with the amount you will pay a training provider or college per annum. 

Visit the Find Apprenticeship Training Service to see the maximum funding bands for each apprenticeship pathway, or get free, impartial support from SupplyTrain.

We talk you through this financial incentives, and other costs and benefits of employing apprentices.

Employer National Insurance saving is often more than the cost of training fees.

If your business has an annual payroll of less than £3million, you only pay a maximum of 10% of the training fees when you employ an apprentice.

This means you can access up to £27,000 worth of training for your staff for as little as £2,700.

When you factor in the annual saving in employer national insurance, businesses can often save more than their training investment.

It’s really important to understand all the costs and benefits of incorporating apprenticeship training into your business.  For free, impartial advice, get in touch with SupplyTrain today.

Visit our Free Advice page for impartial apprenticeship support:

We supply businesses with free, impartial training and apprenticeship advice. Call us or visit our Free Advice page for further details.

Based in East Sussex or Kent?

SupplyTrain is able to provide workshops and seminars on the business case for apprenticeships to employer and community groups in East Sussex and Kent.

Email us the group details, date, time and location and we shall be in touch.

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