An apprenticeship toolkit for aspirational businesses

The Employers’ Apprenticeship Toolkit is made for aspirational businesses that want to take a hands on approach to creating an outstanding apprenticeship programme. 

Employers’ Apprenticeship Toolkit

The Employers’ Apprenticeship Toolkit aims to empower organisations looking to implement an apprenticeship programme that works for business and staff.

The toolkit is split into two parts:

Sections 1-7 explain apprenticeship opportunities and give you the tools and confidence to contact training providers directly. 

Section 8 is to be used over the course of your apprenticeship journey. It helps employers that want to take a hands on approach to their apprenticeship scheme.

Click on the image of the toolkit to view. If you want to access all the attached tools – download the toolkit from your browser and open in a PDF reader.   


Based outside the South East?

This toolkit was created for the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). However, there are 22 localised versions created for different LEPs right across England.

If you’d like a copy of the toolkit that is localised to you, email with details of your location and we will send you the most relevant version.

Did Supplytrain create this toolkit?

Supplytrain Director and Senior Adviser, Phil Golding, wrote the LEP toolkits and managed the project as an associate of Strategic Development Network. Income from this work has been reinvested into Supplytrain’s freephone service. 

What are the paperclips for?

As you scroll through the toolkit, you will find paperclick symbols in some of the ‘tools and links’ at the end of each section. If you double click these symbols you will download informative ‘tools’ to support you on your apprenticeship journey. These are an important part of the document and should not be missed. However you must open the toolkit in a PDF reader, rather than your internet browser, to access them. 

Want free advice on the phone? 

Complete our short form and one of our senior advisers will be in touch to book a free 30-minute call with you to understand what you are trying to achieve as a business and advise how apprenticeship training might help.

With our free expert advice, you will have a clearer plan as to how staff training can support your business, how much it will cost and what to do next to start running a successful apprenticeship programme. 

If you’re a micro business looking to take on your first apprentice, we’ll keep in touch with free support until you’ve chosen your training provider and are ready to start recruiting.

If you’re a larger organisation and need more longer-term support, we will carry out some desk-based research on your options or put you in touch with trusted consultants that can help – and advise you of any costs that may be involved.


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