Employing apprentices

A great way for businesses of all sizes to shape and develop a skilled, productive and future-proof workforce.


Employing an apprentice

When done well, apprenticeships are a great way for businesses of all sizes to shape and develop a skilled, productive and future-proof workforce.

At Supplytrain we offer employers advice and guidance on how to get apprenticeships right, what to look for in a training provider and young person. We also clearly explain the financial costs and benefits of using this government scheme.

Our aim is to support more employers to invest in young people by helping you to find the right junior employees and put together the right apprenticeship training package – that is affordable, low on red tape and works for both your business and the needs of young people.  

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    The business benefits of apprenticeships

    Did you know young people could get a ‘debt-free’ degree whilst working as an apprentice at your company? This is just one way to attract and retain high-quality candidates to your junior roles.

    There are also a range of financial incentives for employing new apprentices that make apprenticeships a worthwhile staff development route to consider.

    Take this 5-minute quiz to learn more about the huge variety of apprenticeship programmes now on offer and the business benefits.

    Choosing a training provider

    Did you know there are 1,000s of colleges, universities and private training providers around the country that are government approved to deliver apprenticeships?

    Choosing the right provider is not easy, especially for smaller businesses, where the provider is not able to tailor the training programme in the way it can for larger businesses with a larger cohort of apprentices.

    At Supplytrain we are experts in helping employers find the right training provider for your needs. We can search the market for you and help you make more informed decisions when choosing a long-term training supplier.

    Recruiting an apprentice

    Whilst getting the right training in place is a key aspect of a successful apprenticeship programme, recruiting the right young person for your business is even more important.

    Lots of employers struggle to find young staff they can invest in and develop the way the business needs. However, always looking for experienced staff can be time-consuming, expensive and often presents its own challenges with integration into the company culture, practices and procedures.

    At Supplytrain, we have a database of 1,000s of young people looking for work and are able to help you sift, recruit and induct the right junior staff successfully onto an apprenticeship programme – where they can learn a role in your business the exact way your business needs.     

    Get in touch

    If you have any questions about employing apprentices email us asking for details. We can also explain other government training programmes, such as traineeships and work-based learning programmes.



    The Kickstart scheme.

    Supplytrain is also a Kickstart gateway. This means we can help you employ and develop young people through the government’s Kickstart scheme (a 6-month work programme where wages are reimbursed).

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