Kickstart support for gateways

We work collaboratively with gateways that want to provide an outstanding Kickstart experience to their customers. 

Your gateway. Powered by Supplytrain.

Whether you are a chamber of commerce that wants to support your business community or a charity looking to help your beneficiaries access meaningful jobs, we can power your Kickstart plans through ‘white label’ and consultancy services.

Gateway setup

We draw on the expertise, knowledge and networks of our team to leverage you the very best insights into your programme design. Our team have worked on many similar Government schemes including Future Jobs Fund, Apprenticeships, Traineeships and T-Levels.

We bring clarity to your strategy and scheme development. Starting from you and taking care to understand how your scheme will support your wider business objectives whilst remaining compliant to DWP regulations.

You will save time and money by investing in expertise that has helped other successful gateways work through the teething problems to setup and deliver effectively. 

White label support

If you want to be seen to be providing a Kickstart gateway service, but aren’t sure you have the technical expertise or resource to manage grant funding and programme delivery – we can help.

We can:

  • deploy a Kickstart website
  • account manage your workflow through a CRM
  • deliver employer support and marketing services
  • provide financial management advice
  • develop tailored funding agreements, templates and other tools as needed

Our support allows you to get your brand out in from of your customers and fill jobs quickly and effectively that support your community.

Employability support.

Supplytrain also provides a comprehensive package of employability support to help young people grasp their Kickstart opportunity and be bettter prepared for long-term work.

Our employability support does much more than meet the DWP criteria, it’s helps the young people achieve good outcomes and is delivered online via 1-2-1 careers coaching sessions. Visit our Kickstart employability support page for further details. 

Gateways we are working with 

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