Becoming the best version of myself through the Kickstart scheme


Demi Faye

Demi joined Supplytrain with no fixed abode and extremely low self-esteem. Yet the Kickstart scheme allowed her the time and support she needed to push herself beyond all expectations and quickly become a capable leader and ready to develop in a new career.

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Demi arrived at Supplytrain with no fixed address, in extremely difficult circumstances but keen to work in an office environment. She said of her time leading up to her Kickstart placement:

“Before my Kickstart placement I had left my family home and moved to Hastings with a friend, a completely different town 100s of miles away. I had no stability and was constantly relying on other people to give me a home. My mental health was at an all-time low and I didn’t know what to do or where to go for support.”

However, the Kickstart scheme gave employers the financial support they needed to invest more time in raw talent and support people like Demi to develop in the workplace.

Demi began at Supplytrain reviewing new job postings before soon transitioning to managing a whole host of accounts and developing fantastic relationships with employers across the board.

Managing Director of Supplytrain, Phil Golding, said of Demi’s performance:

“Demi has an exceptional ability to build strong relationships with her clients whilst moving projects forward. She is hardworking, trustworthy and results focused.”

 “Demi has performed well above expectations and gained the belief in herself that she needs to secure the successful career that her talent deserves.”

Six months on from completing her placement, Demi now rents her own flat and has secured work on a good wage as a Customer Service Advisor at Posturite in East Sussex. She said:

“I am now employed by a well-known, local company and I am doing very well. I’m living somewhere I can call home, I am comfortable enough to pay for holidays and I can actually enjoy myself instead of just surviving.”

“Applying for my kickstart placement was honestly the best decision I have ever made. I am so happy that Supplytrain gave me a chance. I now understand that I can excel at work and recognise the skills I have gained through the scheme which I will take with me in work and my personal life.”

“On top of that, my experience at Supplytrain has made me want to work with young people in the future – young people like me that just need a chance in life. This job was very rewarding and I always looked forward to coming into work and making a difference. Supplytrain has changed my life completely.”

What next?

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