A community interest company

Supplytrain CIC is a social enterprise that works with employers to create fairer routes into work.

About us

Who We Are

Supplytrain is an agile team that makes it easy for employers to offer early careers roles to hardworking candidates.

We are passionate about social mobility.

We want people, whatever their life circumstances, to get a fair crack at accessing good jobs and not be so reliant on connections, qualifications or previous experience.  

Our Mission

We aim to provide simple to use, innovative solutions to employers, so they can recruit raw talent and train great people on-the-job: simply, effectively and affordable. 

We use technology in all we do, to bring costs down, monitor impact and provide consistent, scalable services to our partners.    

We Believe

We believe in learning through doing, in collaborating, listening to our customers and exploring new ideas.

We believe in challenging the status quo. Changing how things are done, by doing them differently. 

We believe in transforming lives and reshaping the future. 

We all have a story to tell…

Phil Golding - Managing Director

Phil oversees the day-to-day running of the business, manages the team and identifies new ways to support people struggling to get a fair start into work. 

In his early 20s, Phil developed agoraphobia and was unable to hold down a steady job. This was until an understanding employer invested in him and supported him at work.

Phil is now on a mission to play forward this support and help others to fulfil their potential and overcome their challenges.  

Maggie Fowler - Founder

Maggie founded Supplytrain to help employers better understand the financial benefits of employing and training young people. She ia now a non-executive director, providing strategic advice and challenging the staff to keep to its purpose.

Starting work in the 70s, as the first female accounts trainee in an office full of men, Maggie has sometimes had to fight to be heard. But she’s learnt that work can build confidence and resilience and give you skills to cope with the challenges that life throws at you.

Fiz Lauer Deaves - Finance and HR Manager

Fiz manages the accounts and financial reporting at Supplytrain. She is also in charge of contracts, policies and procedures.

Fiz is a qualified chartered accountant with 20 years’ experience in finance roles across a range of sectors.

Based in Hastings, Fiz is often struck by the contrasts of this vibrant and still deprived seaside town and is keen to support more work locally that helps young people access good jobs and opportunities.  


Sarah Andrews - Operations Manager

Sarah leads our operations, overseeing recruitment and mentoring, apprenticeship agency and industry placements at Supplytrain. Prior to this, Sarah was responsible for quality at the National Careers Service’s Contact Centre.

After completing university, Sarah pursued her dream career as a teacher, only to find out it wasn’t for her. Now, Sarah utilises this experience to design careers support that helps and challenges people to better identify the career that’s right for them and the steps to take to get there. 

Caelie Hawkins - Project Manager

Caelie leads on new projects. She makes sure our processes and systems are effective and efficient so we can provide more support to the people and employers that we work with.

Caelie has a background in business and finance and after 16 years working in the for-profit sector now chooses to use her skills to help purpose-driven organisations like Supplytrain CIC. 

Demi Faye - Recruitment and T Levels

Demi joined Supplytrain through the Kickstart scheme at a time when she had no fixed abode or office experience. Yet, through hard work, determination and persistence she has shown she just needed an opportunity to prove her ability at work.

She now uses her life experience to help employers understand how to unearth talented  people and develop them through early careers roles and industry placements.

Sarah King - Marketing and Apprenticeships

Sarah markets Supplytrain’s vacancies on social media and through our partners, as well as supporting the apprenticeship agency to find suitable applicants. 

Sarah left school at 17 and moved away from home. She ended up working in retail whilst writing creatively in her spare time. After six years, she convinced herself to apply for a marketing role to put her creative skills to good use and now works at Supplytrain reaching out to other young people to help them see that a career more suited to their skillset is achievable.

We are a social enterprise that helps employers to create fairer routes into work.