Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency

A managed apprenticeship service
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Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency

A managed apprenticeship service
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We provide an alternative approach to employing apprentices that makes it easy and affordable for businesses to develop talent.

A managed apprenticeship service

Lots of businesses want to employ apprentices but struggle to find the right candidates or don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the apprenticeship system.

Similar to temp-to-perm recruitment, Supplytrain has specialist approval from Government to act as a Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency (FJAA), supplying, employing and managing apprentices on behalf of other businesses, like yours.

We recruit and onboard new apprentices, find and manage training providers and government paperwork, and provide support to each apprentice on programme to help them progress on-the-job and into a permanent role. You don’t need to commit to the length of the apprenticeship nor are you responsible for grievance issues – we take the risk, you reap the rewards.

Whether you’re a sole trader without a payroll, a consortium of businesses wanting to share apprentices across placements, or any type of organisation that wants to outsource your apprenticeship employment to a team of experts – we are here to help.

Submit your interest to talk to our team and we’ll discuss whether flexi-apprenticeships are the right approach for you.

Achieveable jobs


We take the time and stress out of setting up an apprenticeship. We find a suitable training provider to deliver the off-the-job-training, contract and onboard apprentices and cover the costs of training. Setup is free.
Plus we recruit amazing candidates for you too! We take an upfront fee, but reimburse this at six months. 



Once you choose a candidate, we’ll employ them during their apprenticeship, taking care of legalities, keep them on track and support you with any queries you have along the way. We are not-for-profit, so just charge a small weekly fee to cover the cost of payroll, timesheet processes, HR support and insurance.



We can be flexible as to how long the apprentice is employed by you, and we can split placements across multiple employers. Whichever model we agree with you, please rest assured we are focused on success. Our achievement rates are higher than the national averages compared to where apprentices are employed directly.

Businesses that benefit from the flexi-job apprenticeship agency

We are struggling to recruit apprentices

If you’re not able to recruit apprentices to your roles, why not ask Supplytrain to try for you? We charge up front for recruitment, but reimburse the fees once someone has been in post six months. 

We have never taken on apprentices before

The apprenticeship landscape can be confusing. What’s an apprenticeship standard? Which training provider? Let us manage things for you first time around. It’s easy and affordable.

We want to share apprentices with others

If your industry or supply chain is suffering skills gaps, our service allows you to share apprentices, helping more employers invest in talent and giving apprentices a broad introduction to your industry.

We can’t commit to the length of the apprenticeship

Apprenticeships must be at least 12 months, but could be up to six years! This is a big commitment to make. Using our service you just have to commit to six months to get started.

We don’t have a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme

A lot of sole traders or family businesses don’t have PAYE. With our managed apprenticeship service it doesn’t matter. We’re the employer, so handle the payroll for all apprentices.

Our staffing budget is managed centrally

We are employing apprentices on your behalf. Schools, local authority departments and individual depots can pay for our services off-payroll using other budgets available to you.

We have headcount restrictions

Your organisation may have restrictions on UK headcount or a recruitment freeze. Using our FJAA allows you to invest in talent without continuous service, only offering permanent jobs when appropriate.

Apprenticeships don’t work for the roles we have

If the apprenticeship standard doesn’t fit the role at your business or you can’t find a training provider, we can help. As an FJAA, we can bring organisations together to meet the apprenticeship requirements.

We are a contractor with a social value commitment

If you want to deliver more public sector contracts, using our managed apprenticeship service allows you to easily offer apprenticeships, whilst  demonstrating your social value commitment to the local area.

What our clients say

Marie Alison, Assistant Head, Balby Central Academy

It is very clear that Supplytrain’s staff are passionate about providing opportunities for those who are desperately trying to find a way to move forward professionally and personally. They have excellent values and principles.

Ellie Padley, Managing Director, Giant Leap Productions

Supplytrain helped us to recruit a number of young people that have become our company’s biggest asset. The recruits are hardworking, creative, intelligent and now ready to take on senior tasks and projects.

Andrea Randall-Smith, CEO, Little Gate Supported Employment

Supplytrain helped us to understand how we could use supported apprenticeships as a way to help people with autism and learning difficulties into work.

We are a social enterprise that helps employers to create fairer routes into work. 

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