Developing entrepreneurial talent through the Kickstart scheme


Antonette Anderson Supplytrain
Antonette Anderson came through the Kickstart scheme at Supplytrain. She worked for the company for seven months as an Admin Assistant before obtaining a role in recruitment whilst simultaneously running a start-up catering businesses.

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Living in London, Antonette was offered a remote Kickstart role in July 2021 where her focus was solely on the recruitment side of our service, specifically putting young jobseekers at ease and guiding them through the Kickstart recruitment and interview process over the phone and by email.

It soon became clear that Antonette had an entrepreneurial streak as she was always finding solutions or new ways of working that allowed the company to work more effectively.

Soon she was expanding her role through her own initiative. She went into jobcentres and job fairs all across London, speaking with young people directly and representing our company single-handedly in the capital. She told 100s of young people about the great employers we were representing and the Kickstart roles they were offering.

We admired her incredible work ethic and instincts, so talked through where she could use her abilities. We wanted to help her into full-time work after the Kickstart scheme, but as a natural entrepreneur we also wanted to support her to explore how to expand her start-up catering company. That’s why we helped Antonette to enrol onto a Young Entrepreneurship programme with the Princes’ Trust.

Antonette said about working at Supplytrain on the Kickstart Scheme:

“During my Kickstart job, my manager provided a safe space and definitely supported me during my journey. He also encouraged me not to give up on my entrepreneurial dreams. We spoke about different courses that I could enrol on alongside work.”

As the Kickstart scheme came to an end, Antonette moved into a full-time recruitment role with Acacium group. She continues to use the skills that she built on the Kickstart scheme. She also continues to run her catering business and is looking forwards to starting her Prince’s Trust course this summer.

“Since my placement, I have gone into a recruitment and administration role. I enjoyed admin and I wanted to continue to recruit people that were passionate about making a difference to a company.”

What next?

  • You can find out more about Antonette’s catering business on Instagram.
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