Finding my dream job through the Kickstart scheme


Antonette Anderson Supplytrain

Rebecca Wallis came through Supplytrain’s Kickstart recruitment service to become a Content Creator, and the company #YesSheCan Ltd is now keeping her on permanently.

After graduating in 2019 with a master’s degree in Documentary Journalism, Rebecca Wallis from Nottingham was set to begin work with a major broadcasting company but was one of the many thousands who had plans completely disrupted by the onset of COVID-19.

“I had an interview with the company, and they thought I was a perfect fit, so I was about to start working and then COVID started. It completely took everything away.”

Through the Kickstart Scheme, Rebecca applied for a job with #YesSheCan, a Nottingham based company that supports women to break their career glass ceiling and engages and educates organisations within their diversity journey. She soon began work as a Content Creator, a role that directly made use of all of the many skills she had gained studying at university.

“It was great, and it felt like my masters and everything I studied for were finally being used. I was using my interest in storytelling, and everything I was passionate about.”

At #YesSheCan, Rebecca is now responsible for video production, social media, and copywriting. Following on from her six-month placement, #YesSheCan have offered to keep her on and is now the Creative Content Lead.

“They sat me down and told me ‘you’re not going anywhere!’ They even told me that they’d match any of the potential salaries that I might be offered elsewhere to keep me on.

“Now that we’re seeing the end of COVID, we’re planning a lot more campaigns and interviews in person, so I’m very happy to continue my creative work with them from my initial 6 months and the future.”

“I’m getting to do what I love, which is sharing and telling people’s stories through my videography, and the team I’m in now is like a second family. I never thought I would find a place like this.”

Rebecca has now been doing incredible work at #YesSheCan for over a year, and plans to stay for the foreseeable future.


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