Supplytrain becomes flexi-job apprenticeship agency


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We are delighted to announce that we have been accepted and approved by the Department for Education (DfE) to operate as a Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency (FJAA), supporting employers get involved in apprenticeship employment where the standard model of delivery does not work.

Supplytrain is one of 30 FJAAs in the country. Our FJAA supports employers from all sectors in all parts of England. We have been granted this wide-ranging status because of our digital infrastructure that allows us to provide high-quality support to apprentices virtually, whilst keeping costs down for employers – particularly allowing small and micro businesses to access this type of apprenticeship support.

What is a flexi-job apprenticeship agency?

Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies help employers to overcome structural barriers to make greater use of apprenticeships. Essentially, an FJAA employs apprentices on behalf of host employers, giving flexibility to the length of an apprenticeship or payroll limitations and (in our case) providing expert advice, guidance and support to keep apprentices on programme and help employers invest in the skills they need to grow and build their talent pipeline.

How does Supplytrain’s FJAA support small businesses?

Lots of businesses want to employ apprentices but struggle to find the right candidates or don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the apprenticeship system. It is confusing!

We work as your outsourced apprenticeship arm by:

  • Identify and source great apprenticeship candidates for you
  •  Finding the best training provider to support your apprentices development
  • Saving you £100s or £1,000s on apprenticeship training costs
  • Taking care of all the Government paperwork
  • Relationship management between you, the apprentice and training provider
  • Providing payroll and timesheet services for each apprentice

There is no upfront fee for this support – we just charge a small weekly fee each week your apprentice is on programme – reducing the risk if things don’t work out.

What’s more – once you’re comfortable with the apprenticeship system, we can transfer employment over to you. It really is a great way to start your apprenticeship journey.

Other ways our FJAA supports businesses of all sizes

As well as supporting businesses new to apprenticeships, we also provide a managed apprenticeship service to businesses of all sizes. This is particularly useful for organisations that want to:

  • Share an apprentice across multiple employers or with your supply chain
  • Have restrictions on headcount
  • Want a team of external experts to manage your apprenticeship programme

If you’re an apprenticeship levy payer, read our managed apprenticeship service PDF for further details. For non-levy payers, please contact us.

An FJAA service that works for other Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies and Apprenticeship Providers

Supplytrain also provides FJAA services for other Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies. With our bespoke FJAA platform, we currently deliver payroll, timesheet and apprentice coordination services for The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s FJAA and are able to support other FJAAs on their journey to developing a system that works for their community.

We also work directly with apprenticeship training providers that have employers that would benefit from a more flexible approach to apprenticeship delivery. This could be where they are not able to employ apprentices directly or want to share apprentices. We do not charge providers for this service, but provide a supportive service that allows you to generate more apprenticeship starts and have a trusted partner on hand to coordinate employment.

If you are an existing FJAA or apprenticeship training provider and are interested in discussing how our system can support you, please contact us.

What next?

To register your interest in the service, please contact us for an initial discussion to learn more. Alternatively call 020 3855 6029

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