A data scientist

Daily press briefings announce that the Government is  “following the science”,  decisions are made on the results of “data analysis”, and the new Test and Trace app will generate vast amounts of data – while the debate rages over privacy versus protection.

In our new Post Covid world, the importance of the role that data plays in everyday life, has never been more obvious – and the country needs more Data Scientists with the skills to find information and use it to address complex problems and improve organisational processes. In addition, the scientists must be able to present information in a meaningful way to technical and non-technical audiences and they must understand how to safeguard the data they hold.

This mixture of practical, technical and academic skills and knowledge is ideally learnt through a Data Science Degree Apprenticeship.

Winchester University has just announced that it is working with local employers to offer a BSc Data Science Degree Apprenticeship from September 2020. This gives employers the opportunity to up-skill existing staff or attract and train new talent. Apprentices spend around 20% of their time training and are then able to immediately apply their new skills and knowledge to their own workplace situation. And for the apprentice, they earn while they learn – achieving a full honours degree whilst working in a permanent position, with no tuition fees to pay!

Data Scientists are not just Public Sector workers – they are needed in every sector – insurance, retail, travel, utilities for example – and this is reflected in the number of different employers that have worked together to create the programme or ‘Standard’ behind the apprenticeship and the number of jobs available for qualified people.

Employers interested in the Data Science Degree Apprenticeship should get in touch with Winchester University or check the government’s website for other training providers that offer training for this standard.  

If you would like to become a Data Science apprentice, you need to find an employer with a suitable vacancy. Check the government’s Find an Apprenticeship website but also be pro-active – look at recruitment web-sites and contact employers with Data Scientist vacancies to ask if they have considered taking on an apprentice.

For further information on all aspects of apprenticeships, check out Apprenticeships. If you work in a small business and would like help in any aspect of taking on an apprentice then please get in touch with me, Maggie Fowler at [email protected].