Morrisons partners up with Supplytrain


Morrisons partners up with Supplytrain
Morrisons to transfer over £100K apprenticeship fund to the fishing sector.

Morrisons is transferring an Apprenticeship Levy fund of up to £100,000 to Supplytrain to help train ten new sea fishers for the South Western Fish Producer Organisation (SWFPO)

Morrisons is supporting this Sea Fisher Apprenticeship by paying for the off-the-job training received in college, through an apprenticeship levy transfer. Morrisons staff will also support the apprentices in understanding what happens once they arrive back on shore with their catch and look in to why sustainable fishing is so important.
The £100,000 will support the first fisher apprenticeship programme in England. The 18-month apprenticeship allows apprentices to get hands-on experience and learn about the whole fishing operation from sea to sale.
Apprentices will be employed by Supplytrain but get to work across different boats within SWFPO. The apprentices will be catching different fish and learning from experienced crew members whilst also studying seamanship, gear construction and how to care for the catch at South Devon College.
The life of a commercial fisher is both incredibly physically demanding and immensely rewarding. If you love the sea or working outdoors, don’t mind hard graft and want to help keep an ancient and vital industry thriving, then a job as a commercial sea fisher could be for you.

Juliette Hatchman, CEO at SWFPO said:

“Recruitment is a real issue across the entire fishing industry right now, with an ageing demographic and a shortage of skilled crew. A lack of skilled crew has a significant impact on the entire seafood supply chain. The catching sector is the start of the supply chain, so without boats going to sea, there is no supply chain. SWFPO members are not alone in facing challenges with attracting the right personnel. This apprenticeship is a great way to grow new talent within our industry by developing a motivated, skilled, and qualified resource that the whole industry will ultimately benefit from. Not only does it improve the attractiveness of the sector as a professional and valuable career pathway but improves safety within the sector – all of which make it a much needed and worthwhile investment.”

Phil Golding, Managing Director at Supplytrain said:

“It’s fantastic to have Morrisons as a partner supporting the first ever Fisher Apprenticeship in the country. As a flexi-job apprenticeship agency, we’re excited to be able to employ and support fresh talent to start a career in this rewarding industry, and hope this is the first of many cohorts in the years ahead.”

This apprenticeship initiative is more than a step; it’s a leap toward a vibrant and resilient fishing sector. Join us in championing the sea and its stewards by sharing this story, raising awareness, and supporting programs that cultivate a thriving maritime legacy for generations to come. Together, we can make waves of difference and inspire a sea change.

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