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National Mentoring Day is celebrated every year on October 27th and was launched to recognise and celebrate the benefits of mentoring. Here at Supplytrain we believe that mentoring could be beneficial to all young people and that is why we have built this into different aspects of services we deliver.

Those first few months in a new job can be daunting for anyone, and having a mentor to speak to openly about anything worrying you, or affecting your time at work, can really help to put your mind at rest and learn new ways to deal with situations.

One of the mentoring services we provide, is to those under the age of 25 when starting a new role. Supplytrain caught up with Sarah Andrews who is our Head of Careers for this group of young people to find out more about her role and how she thinks it benefits people in starting new jobs.

“Mentoring, for me, is one of the most rewarding roles that I have ever done.”

“Mentoring is a two way street, and I find those who can talk to me when they need to talk, really see the benefit in having someone impartial there who is able to help guide them in the right direction.

It may take a while for some people to feel that they have that safe space to open up in, however, as a mentor, that’s my job to make them feel secure.”

Every one of our coaching sessions is bespoke to the individual and their needs at that time, which is something that many will testify are a vital part of keeping them in work. 

“Seeing first-hand how important mentoring support is for young people on placement, and with a national skills shortage for many industries at the moment, I would encourage more employers to invest in young people and put in place some mentoring support, either directly or with a partner like Supplytrain, to help people bed in. Skills can be trained, and with a bit of time and support, young people’s aptitude and application will come out – benefiting them and the businesses they work for.”

What next?

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