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If you are looking for a recruitment agency in Hastings, Supplytrain can help. We support employers to fill skills gaps and develop a talent pipeline for the future, so your organisation can grow, flourish and compete. What’s more, we do it effectively, affordably and with innovative solutions, when the standard recruitment model isn’t right for you.

A little bit about Supplytrain

At Supplytrain we are passionate about social mobility and supporting employers to recruit for attitude and train for skill. Having helped businesses across the UK to fill 900 entry-level vacancies in the last two years (50 locally), we’re keen to do more in Hastings, where our business is based.

We know it is difficult for Hastings-based businesses to recruit both entry-level and experienced staff because of the isolated nature of the town. This is why we go the extra mile to unearth talented people with a great attitude, before helping you to get them up-to-speed in the workplace and integrated into your company.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for employers to create fairer routes into work, which is why we have developed simple to use, innovative services that make a real difference to your recruitment chances and the job prospects of hard-working local people.

Here are five reasons Hastings businesses should talk to Supplytrain if you are struggling to recruit or looking at a longer-term talent pipeline:

1. As a recruitment agency in Hastings – we know your challenges

In Hastings, it’s difficult to recruit experienced labour because of the isolated nature of the town. Rather than endlessly hunting for that perfect ‘on-paper’ candidate, we work with you to decode your vacancy to see what a more junior staff member, with the right attributes, could do to ease your current team’s workload and transition into a higher-profile role at a later date.

2. We are cost-effective

Supplytrain is a not-for-profit recruitment agency which means you can be assured you will always receive excellent value for money. Once you ask for our assistance in finding you great candidates, Supplytrain will advertise and pre-screen candidates for you – making sure only those with the right attributes are put forward to your team to interview. This saves you loads of time, plus you only pay if you hire one of our sourced candidates – and at a lower rate than standard recruitment agencies.

3. We help you to recruit for attitude

Lots of young people and career changers want to work for a company that cares, where there are long-term prospects. We have a database of 1,000s of candidates that are seeking these long-term opportunities. If you’re able to consider recruiting raw potential and developing people in house, with support a long the way – we can find you amazing candidates.

What’s more, recruiting for attitude – and not focusing as much on experience, qualifications or connections – supports social mobility, fills your skills gaps and will help you to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

4. We carry on supporting candidates in their first 13 weeks

Starting a new job is difficult for all of us. You’re out of your comfort zone, with a new team, learning new ways of working. For young people, that have been adversely affected by the Covid pandemic, having support to settle can be extremely beneficial to their wellbeing and your early retention rates.

This is why Supplytrain provides mentor support to all new recruits under the age of 25, for their first 13 weeks on their job. Our mentors will help your new recruits start on the right foot, settle into your company quicker and stand a better chance of realising their in-work potential. Plus, this service is absolutely free!

5. We also help with apprenticeships and industry placements

Supplytrain also provide a managed apprenticeship service to businesses. This means we can find a training programme to support someone’s learning in work, save you £1,000s on an apprenticeship levy transfer and even employ apprentices on your behalf – taking the risk of employment away, whilst they get up to speed or allowing you to share apprentices across two or more businesses.

What’s more, we’re a T Level Growth Partner for the Department for Education, so are commissioned to provide free advice to SMEs on using T Levels and Industry Placements as a talent pipeline. Bringing young people into your organisation for 45 days can allow you to really assess someone’s work ethic and potential to stay with you long-term.

What next?

If you’re looking for a recruitment agency in Hastings or just want to chat about apprenticeships or T Level industry placements, why not get in touch to see how we can help you.

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