Rebuilding Stronger: T Levels and Post-Pandemic Business Success


What are the benefits of supporting T Levels and their industry placements for your business?
As the world recovers from the pandemic, supporting T Levels and their industry placements can help you boost your company productiveness, resilience and competitiveness in the changing market. You can also make a positive difference in the lives of young people who are eager to learn and work with you.
T Levels are new two-year courses that combine classroom learning with on-the-job experience, designed to prepare students for skilled employment or further study. They are equivalent to three A levels and cover various sectors.
Industry placements are an essential part of T Levels, as they allow students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real work environment. They last for at least 315 hours (around 45 days) and can be completed in a block or as a series of shorter placements.

What are the benefits of supporting T Levels and their industry placements for your business? Here are some of the reasons why you should get involved:

  • You can access a pool of motivated and talented young people who can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your organisation.
  • You can shape the future workforce by providing students with the skills and knowledge that are relevant to your sector and your specific needs.
  • You can enhance your productivity and innovation by giving students meaningful projects and tasks that can add value to your business.
  • You can improve your social impact and reputation by showing your commitment to supporting young people and the local community.
  • You can benefit from government funding and support to help you deliver high-quality industry placements.
Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the future of education and work!

If you’re interested in supporting T Levels and their industry placements, you can find out more information via the T Level Gateway

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