We won! Best recruitment agency award.


We won! Best recruitment agency award.
We are delighted to announce that Supplytrain has been awarded the title of ‘Best Recruitment Social Enterprise’ at the SME UK Enterprise Awards 2023.
Supplytrain is on a mission to make recruitment and talent development as simple and affordable as possible for SMEs, so to win this award shows we are making good progress towards this goal.
Due to the cost-of-living crisis, we know it is not an easy time for UK businesses right now and recruiting experienced talent is difficult and costly, with no guarantee of results. This is why we have developed a recruitment service that allows SMEs to recruit differently…
To do this successfully, we talk through with your team what you really need from a new recruit, what attributes that person needs from day one, and what can come through development. We then use that information to reach out to 1,000s of people looking for a career rather than their next pay cheque, before sifting down candidates to your long-term requirements.
What’s more, we work out a programme of development for that new recruit – to get them up to speed quickly. This could be apprenticeship training to go alongside their work or shorter government funded courses – saving you £1,000s on training costs too. We even provide a mentor to those new recruits under 25, to help them start with you on the right foot and discuss any work, travel or personal issues stopping them fulfilling their in-work potential.

It really is that simple!

This is what Phil Golding (CEO) had to say:

“Winning ‘Best Recruitment Social Enterprise 2023’ really highlights the difference between our service and a typical high street recruitment agency. There are so many employers all searching for talent in the same dwindling pool of experienced workers, that we want to offer something different that’s affordable and creates fairer routes into work. By giving people jobs on ‘attitude and aptitude’ rather than ‘previous experience or connections’ really does support social mobility and allows you to access a new pool of untapped talent.”

Supplytrain works right across the UK and can even employ apprentices on your behalf, whilst they prove their ability to you! If you want to try a different, affordable, fairer way to recruit, we’d love to have a conversation with you.

What next?

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